By Manith K Sanchez

The List

An inspirational memoir

This is the true story of an ordinary woman and an extraordinary God during the savage rule of communism in Thailand and where anyone found on “The List” was to be executed.

Manith Sanchez lived an ordinary life on a farm in Cambodia with her loving family. Never did she suspect that this ordinary life would collide with horrific events, forcing her to fight for survival.

From fleeing an abusive arranged marriage to fleeing the communistic country before being found and killed, Manith comes to discover how God’s mighty hand saved her time and time again.

God is everywhere, always present, working all things together for the good of those who love Him—and in Manith’s case—before she loved Him. This is because God knows the plans He has for us, plans to prosper and not to harm, but to give us a hope and a future!

Note: Though Manith is ordinary, the things she wrote about are not, and may be disturbing to read. “I wrote them, not to shock you, nor to draw attention to myself, but to show what God can do for ordinary people like me when they go through struggles beyond their control.”


Meet the Author

Manith K Sanchez

Manith Sanchez (Maiden Manith Khoun) was born in Sisophon, Cambodia.  She lived in this beautiful country until the age of 19.  Manith Sanchez never imagined the horrifying events that would take her to the point of no return.  But by God’s grace, He has given me a life of joy and happiness.

Manith Sanchez is a wife, mother of three children – three girls and one boy.  She is am a grandmother of six grandchildren,  all of whom she loves so much and is blessed by God to have them in her life.

Manith Sanchez loves to cook.  She cooks a lot of Asian foods such as, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Thai just to name a few.  Manith loves serving in her church and serving in the community.

Manith Sanchez wrote this book to encourage people from all walks of life, that no matter what happens, with perseverance and determination you can survive in this world.  But most important by having Christ as your Lord and Savior, He can bring you through adversity, and walk with you every step of the way.  Manith Sanchez is living proof of this.


A true and amazing story of one woman’s terrifying escape from Pol Pot’s communist purge of Cambodia. An amazing story of God’s love and protection.

– Diane W.


– Debbie M.


You’ve got to read this incredibly powerful story and discover how a gracious God guided and protected this woman, tugging at her heart with every step, until she eventually gave her life to Jesus Christ.

– Britney F.

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